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Free Baby Quilt Patterns - What Is Quilting

Quilting has long been a form of creating warm, beautiful quilts and blankets, and was originally developed as a means of survival by staying warm.

Eventually, quilting became a respected craft, and many families possess quilts that have been passed down through generations. A lot of people are truly impressed with the quiet charm of quilting. It is truly a gifted craft and has been used not only for functionality and warmth, but also for creating a better atmosphere within the home.

Those who are new to quilting generally will do best to start with small quilted items such as pillow covers, wall hangings, and table accessories. It is suggested that beginners make use of basic block shapes to learn all aspects of quilting before moving on to larger projects, complex blocks, and full-size quilts. Basic quilting patterns are available for all skill levels, and these basic quilting patterns are a great way to continue developing quilting skills.

Picking the Best Patterns for Quilting

Selecting the proper pattern for your project is one of the most important aspects to beginning a project. In view of the fact that there are thousands of quilting patterns from which to choose, it may be difficult to make the decision. The key is to find the best patterns that both strike you visually, and that are well within your skill level and knowledge of quilting. If, for instance, you are just learning the art of quilting, look for simple quilting patterns with basic blocks to help develop your fundamental skills. But, on the other hand, if you're a skilled quilter then you shouldn’t choose a beginner’s pattern as this might bore you. As an alternative, opt for a pattern that is not only indicative of your skills but one that motivates and entices your creativity and that goes well with your decor. In the majority of instances, you'll realize that basic, simple patterns work the best.

Classification of Quilting Patterns

Winged square blocks are amongst the simplest patterns, which are sewn into columns with setting triangles. In this pattern, you will find that a slice of the border print separates each row. This quilt is not complex at all and can be easily and naturally transform by choosing diverse sorts of fabrics or using an alternate arrangement.

Carolina Byways is another pattern which is made up of split nine patch quilt blocks. The included blocks are all strips and quickly pieced and this pattern also comprises instructions for a miniature version. Block Quilt is a super easy quilt pattern that is assembled completely with quick piecing techniques. In this pattern, half square triangle units frame the center medallion and a panel cut from a pictorial fabric joins nine-patch and surrounds the center.

Star Quilt Speed piecing pattern makes quilting feel like a breeze. In this pattern, the light fabric that surrounds the star blocks blends with the fabric used in the center of the blocks. In this way, it provides an on-point appearance even though all blocks are sewn together side by side. Twist Quilt pattern is tilted, and merely putting that little twist around the inner sections is a simple technique that makes the quilt look more complex than it really is.

Patterns for Quilting: Using a Color Wheel

Often, quilters will find that using a color wheel to choose quilting fabrics is a good idea and will help ensure that the colors used go naturally together. There are certain rules to be followed well before embarking on the color path. However, it’s important to forget about all the "rules" you've heard about colors that do and do not "match." By using a color wheel in your quilting patterns, it is possible to make any color work with any other color by playing with different versions of it. That's the area of interest where a color wheel comes in handy. Don’t look at a color wheel as a tool that makes color decisions for you, but instead remember that its purpose is to recognize the association between colors that make fabric choice a lot easier.

Color Riddle in a Quilter Wheel

Indigo, red and yellow are termed as primary colors for the reason that they are the basis for other colors. If you blend them, you can make every other color on the color wheel. These three key colors are set at equal distances from each other on the most commonly used color wheel. On the other side, the three secondary colors on a color wheel are positioned midway between the primary colors. They are formed only by integration of mutually equal amounts of the primary colors on either side of them. As you are working with your quilting patterns, keep these ideas in mind in selecting fabrics for the quilt.


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